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Hi all!

I am really sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and it makes me sick that i have to post this :(

Last week my host of 5 years decided to move this website to a new one as they sold up. They backed up the files but the backup was not correct, and the new host could not retrieve even half of the content (as you can see the is completely gone, over 40,000 images!!)

I cannot physically redo the whole gallery single handedly, especially with my life being more busy than it was 5 years ago, so i am having to close the site.

Me (Hayley) and Keith have enjoyed every minute of updating you all with news and images of Nadine. Having Nadine and her family visit the site and knowing about it, was a massive highlight and made the hard work, i and Keith put into this so worthwhile.
It’s so sad that the site would of been 5 years online this month, and for us to lose everything has hit us hard.

I will be keeping this domain name (.com) so i may do a little something with it but it wont be a site like this I’m afraid, but i would still like to update the fans as much as i can as it does help Nadine with promo.

To NadineMe and Keith so very sorry to have had to close your fansite, and i hope you understand the reasons why, we still love you though and will continue to support you more than ever! <3

I’ll still be on Twitter @NCoyleFan for any other updates that may come, but for now… Bye! :'(

Hayley & Keith xx
October 2014

Nadine is the only member left in Girls Aloud!

A new interview came out this weekend in The Mirror newspaper, with Nadine telling us more on the Girls Aloud split and that technically she is the only member of Girls Aloud left!

She explains how she was loving the Greatest Hits promo, and tour:

“I didn’t think we were going to end – we had done all the promo saying we were all together, having a great tour, wearing Victoria’s Secret wings and stomping up and down the catwalk every night, loving every single minute of it”

She was in her element in her 6-foot wings! What happened next..

“And then, on the very last night of the tour, our management and publicist came up to me and said the girls wanted to split up the band. I was thinking, ‘What?!’
I was in hair and make-up, about to get into my costume, and the show was starting in 20 minutes. I was shocked.
“I went back to my make-up lady and told her, and was like, ‘F***! I don’t have a job! What am I going to do?’ I screamed and cried on stage and off stage.”

:'( this breaks my heart and brings back the memories of when i first read the Twitlonger of doom!

Nadine then goes on to say her side of the story is the truth, it’s been quite annoying how she was blamed for a lot of it when in actual fact she was the only one who didn’t want it to end.

“They’re going to have to get their stories straight because my one has been solid. The truth remains pretty solid.”

She then reveals something interesting, she never actually signed anything to state she ‘left’ the band, so technically she is still a member! So the band is now called ‘Girls Aloud’?!

“So I said, ‘If you want to write this thing from these four, write it from these four – but I’m taking no part in it’.
“I never signed it, so technically I’m still in Girls Aloud. I’m a one man band! I need holograms made up of them so I can go back out on stage in 30 years’ time…”

What is important to note is that she insists she has nothing against the girls.

The rest of the interview talks of her small break away from Jason, and blending all of Anaiya’s food!

Another interesting interview, is this one featured in the Daily Mail on Saturday which goes into the split night a bit more and that shes only seen Sarah since the last night of the tour.

On a happier note from these interviews, we got a new photo shoot picture, which i have added to the gallery!

[WATCH] Nadine on Good Morning Britain 18/09/14

Nadine finally appeared on our TV screens very early this morning to talk about Lord of the Dance on ‘Good Morning Britain‘.

She talked about not being able to ‘Irish Dance’ to her cute baby daughter loving airport security!

Don’t miss the moment she gets distracted when she sees a VT of Girls Aloud performing in the studios a few years ago.

Watch the interview above, and i’ve also added pictures to the gallery, over 100 HQs!

Candids > 2014 > 18th September – Leaving the ITV studios
Appearances & Events > 2014 > 18th September – Good Morning Britain

Nadine has Attitude!

Scans > Magazines > 2014 > October – Attitude Magazine

Nadine is interview the new Attitude Magazine, which is out to buy in your local shop now.

The interview is quite in-depth, here’s a few points (although you should read it in full!):

► Those who haven’t seen the Lord of the Dance show yet, she sings 2 songs in the production. The second one is called ‘Dance Our Lives Away
► Anaiya is already ‘singing’, by raising her eyebrows at certain songs. Sounds like Mini Coyle will be following in Nadine’s footsteps!
► Confirms shes working with Brian Higgins again, writing and recording music!#
► She never wanted to close the door on Girls Aloud.
► She and Jason were asked to do Dancing with the Stars in America, but both turned it down.
► Doesn’t have any regrets about releasing Insatiable through Tesco.
► ‘Running’ was going to be a second single.

Read the full interview by clicking the gallery link above.

Nadine backs Macmillan’s Annual Coffee Morning

nadine coyle Macmillan

Nadine Coyle, who is currently appearing in “Lord of the Dance” at the London Palladium, says: “‘I’m delighted to be supporting the 24th annual Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday, September 26. I love nothing more than getting together with friends for coffee and cake, so it really is the perfect way to raise money for such a brilliant cause. My uncle was looked after by the team at Macmillan, when he was ill with cancer, and my family will be forever indebted to the amazing service they provided during that difficult time.”

Macmillan Cancer Support is hoping Friday, September 26 will see 5 million cups of coffee drunk and 10 million slices of cake eaten with the aim of raising over £20million for people affected by cancer right across the UK.

Here in Northern Ireland 3,500 people have registered to hold their own coffee morning and Macmillan NI is hoping to raise over half a million pounds.

The idea remains simple: get together with friends, colleagues or neighbours to hold a coffee morning and raise money for Macmillan, with every donation helping to ensure that no one faces cancer alone. There’s still time to register for a kit, for more information visit:, call 0845 602 1246 or text COFFEE to 70550.

New layouts now online!

Thought it was about time we changed the look of the website!

This time we have gone for a more simple, lighter and cleaner feel, using the fabulous new photo shoot by Brian Doherty, for Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games.

And take a look at the gallery too, it’s also had a revamp to match the main site:

We hope you like the new look and come back often Diva’s and Ninjas. #TeamNadine

Leaving the London Palladium 5th & 9th September

Since its such a rarity that our gallery is so active, i thought ild make a post on the 2 new sets i have added today.

On Friday Nadine was casually dressed leaving the theatre in a jumper and jeans, clutching what looks to be a program of the show.

Then yesterday, she was seen in a gorgeous lacey red dress after the performance.

Click each picture to take you to the new picture sets.

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Amazing Anaíya!

Nadine took to Twitter yesterday to tell us how amazing her daughter is, and how fast she is developing.

So cute!

Keith had the pleasure of seeing a photo of her over the weekend, in a car seat thanks to Drew, Nadine’s touring manager.

Talking of Anaíya, Nadine was interviewed in Hello magazine last week, and her mini-me was all she could talk about.

Nadine spoke about how she loves being a mum and can’t believe she didn’t do it sooner, Anaíya is good on long flights, and they even did a rain dance in the kitchen as Anaíya hadn’t seen rain over in LA! She tells us how she and Jason are undecided wether to have anymore kids at the moment as they don’t think they could cap the amazingness of Anaíya. Aww!

Read the interview in our gallery link below:

Scans > Magazines > 2014 > September – Hello! Magazine

*NOTE* I assume the pictures in the article were approved by Nadine, which is why im posting the article with the pap photos left in.

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