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Last night saw Nadine make her spectacular stage debut on Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance, Dangerous Games.

After the show, Nadine met with some of you guys, her dedicated fans, outside the venue. Click on the link in her tweet for the Daily Mail article with a whole bunch of photos in it.

Alternatively, check out our gallery as we have just added over 50 High Quality photos.

Candids > 2014 > 1st September – Leaving the London Palladium

Having you Divas there must have been a big boost to her confidence.


Did you miss Nadine’s interview on RTE on Saturday?

miriam nadine coyle

Nadine talkes about Anaíya and motherhood. Like most mums, her priorities have changed, and she explains how that affects her life and her work.

Diney also talks about how she got involved in Dangerous Games. She explains how she was a fan of Michael Flatley and how they arranged to work together.

Naturally, there’s talk about how she’s adjusting to life after Girls Aloud. Almost unbelievably, we’re still talking about her gorgeous accent too. Well it is one of her most distinctive features.

The topic moves on to living in the US. It’s stuff that as hardcore fans we all know well, but we have to remember that not everyone knows these things. It’s always great to hear her speaking so happily about her life.

There’s also discussion about the press and paparazzi and Nadine describes the downsides of fame.

Lastly, talk turns to the new album that she’s working on. She’s brought a variety of producers, both old and new, in to create what will hopefully be the perfect sequel to Insatiable.

You have 19 days to watch the interview on the RTE Player here: http://www.rte.ie/player/gb/show/10316618/ from the 28min 30seconds mark!


News about Nadine is out everywhere now that she’s about to make her début on Michael Flatley’s Dangerous Games.

Nadine Red

While most sources, such as The Mirror, The Herald, Scotland, Heat and OK have been leading with the headlines of Nadine not missing the other Girls Aloud, the stories themselves reveal a more nuanced view.

“I spend time with loads of people. I think it’s just because maybe you’re so busy that you just kind of get totally wrapped up in your own life.”

It’s entirely understandable. With Anaíya and the LOTD show, she’s incredibly busy and an independent spirit to boot. Clearly she must miss some aspect of being in GA, because she repeated the thoughts she had back when the band ended.

“I love… especially the Girls Aloud shows that we were able to do, so over the top, so huge… the songs that we had were so amazing so I thoroughly enjoyed all of the performances with Girls Aloud.

“I never wanted that to end… still don’t. I am in denial.”

Nadine Grey

Nadine confirmed her message of congratulations to Cheryl on her marriage in July.

“I sent her a wee message to say congratulations… I mean it was a whole whirlwind thing so she must have been just having a ball of a time.

“So hopefully she’s really happy.”

We knew about it from her twitter.

Nadine has also been talking about her accent, a topic that comes up once in a while. It was what the Belfast Telegraph lead with.

“I can’t decide which way I talk. I really, honestly can’t. And it was funny, I was talking to an interviewer from Derry – there’s so many of us around – and he said that when he came to London everybody thought he was American.

“I said ‘I get that all the time. People think I’m from America’. When you’re in Ireland you know it’s a Derry accent. I was born and raised in Derry and I can’t really change the way I talk.”

Any serious Diney Diva should now be thinking of her saying “I like talking like this!” on the Friday Night Christmas Project all those years ago.

Nadine, playing the Goddess Erin in Dangerous Games, is thrilled to be working with Flatley. It was reported in Reveal that,

“I’ve been a fan of Michael’s and of Lord of the Dance since I first saw it so that’s the last twenty years I’ve been watching everything Michael has done and it just gets better every time,”

Dangerous Diney

Although, as the Belfast Telegraph also reported,

“I was a loser when it came to the Irish dancing,”

I’m sure she’s just being modest.

Check out our latest galleries while you’re here.



Nadine landed back in the UK last Thursday, as you may have seen from many media publications.

She was photographed carrying cute little Anaíya, and whilst we would LOVE to post the pictures, we have promised Nadine not to post pictures of her daughter on the website unless she herself has approved them e.g tweets them herself. That does not mean we cannot gush about how cute they both looked in matching sunglasses <3 Anaíya is definitely blessed with her mummy's looks!

To make up for those lack of photos, we did get 2 sets of candids of Nadine out and about in London. It's so nice to get new pictures and see her looking happy. Click the gallery links below to view them.

Candids > 2014 > 15th Aug – Out in North London
Candids > 2014 > 19th August – Leaving home to Central London


Hello from Paradise…

Clearly Diney’s loving motherhood and life in general. Not a care in the world. Oh to be a successful, beautiful popstar.

However speaking of Instagram, it has been brought to our attention that the link in Nadine’s profile is directing to a NSFW web domain homepage. The link is to www.nadinecoylenow.com, which used to look like THIS. It is safe to click that. It is a link on the Way Back Machine to her “Coming Soon” official website which sadly never launched. Unfortunately the domain name is no longer active, and the redirect is really not suitable for someone of Nadine’s stature. This wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for Nadine linking to it herself.

This could be a case of a phenomenon known as cybersquatting, where someone buys or registers a domain name with the intention of selling it on to make a profit.

We’ve done our best to bring it to her attention and would hope that you do the same.


Nadine and her little family are enjoying the sun and the sea.

Yes, that does look like Anaíya with a big straw hat with a bow on it.

“Awesome” indeed!


Nadine gave us a lovely 4th July treat!

She shared this gorgeous picture of her daughter Anaíya, on her instagram yesterday

Anaíya says happy 4th July America. Xx

Me (Hayley) and Keith were at our very first meet up yesterday, and it was really fitting for Nadine to share this rare and special picture whilst we were together (yes we fangirled!!) It’s a day i know i wont forget in a while!

We now have a special folder on the gallery for approved Anaíya pictures, meaning ones Nadine has tweeted. See them [HERE]


Buzzfeed America, published this nice interview on their website last week. She talks about her move to California, her “exhausting” 11 hr commute to work in London, and forgetting shes famous when she gets recognised!


A few miles past the Orange County line on Pacific Coast Highway sits a small pub, steps from the beach. Yelp reviewers of Nadine’s Irish Mist praise the joint’s authentic Irish food and impeccable Bloody Marys. What they don’t mention, though, is the identity of the pub’s owner, who happens to be one of the most celebrated Irish singers of the past decade.

Nadine Coyle, 29, moved to California seven years ago, when she was still a member of Girls Aloud, a British girl group that sold 10 million albums worldwide, racked up a record 21 consecutive top 10 hits on the U.K. chart from 2002 to 2009, and won a Brit Award. The group was between albums when they first visited Los Angeles to record an unreleased cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games.”

“I thought it was just the most amazing place I had ever seen,” she said in her strong Irish accent, sitting in the pub Tuesday afternoon.

During the trip, she was in a cab with Brian Higgins — the songwriter and producer behind Girls Aloud’s hits — on her way to replace a lost phone. Stopped at La Cienega Boulevard, she remembered telling him, “Brian, I’m going to move here.” Today, she’s lived in Southern California longer than she lived in London.

Tuesday was the first time Coyle had been to the pub since January. “That needs painting,” she said, looking around noticing minor touch-ups the building needs.

But the absence is justified. Four months ago, she gave birth to her first daughter, Anaiya, and has signed on to perform in Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, the latest incarnation of the popular Irish musical created by dancer Michael Flatley.

Flatley approached her last year about the project after she had recently finished the Girls Aloud 10-year reunion tour — the group’s first since a three-year hiatus. “I was still in tour mode,” she said, “and Flatley’s offer was appealing.”

“He knows exactly what he’s talking about because he’s been doing it for all these years, so everything is so professional,” Coyle says. “It’s got the Irish connection, and yet it’s such a huge show and I was being booked to go on there and sing as part of the show. Not Nadine from Girls Aloud doing this show, but as a different type of thing.”



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