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Time for some twitter updates on Diney’s baby adventure. Make sure you check out her twitter to see them all, these are just the highlights.

First we saw Nadine worrying about the baby’s safety with the recent earthquakes in California.

No Nadz, I don’t think you’re a freak at all. Plus we’d all like you do throw yourselves over us at any opportunity.

Yesterday was Nadine’s first mothers’ day as a mammy, and just look at the sweetness in these tweets:

Nadine’s fully wrapped up in her little bundle of joy, and we still haven’t even heard her name. I’m certain of someone who has though.

On Wednesday I attended Sarah Harding’s solo showcase, with Alouder friend Nicci. We each spoke to Saz, who told Nicci the following:

Though that isn’t surprising because:

It’s been great to get a few more updates this week. Hopefully there’ll be more soon.


She’s alive!

Nadine’s been off Twitter for so long we’ve been really missing her. But she came online today to check in with us.

This baby daughter in understandably a big deal.

We can’t wait, Nadine. We can’t wait.


Sarah Harding’s been talking about the recent GA pregnancies. In a recent comments, seen here in this Bang Showbiz, NZCity article, Sarah tells how Nadine’s doing with her little pink bundle.

“I haven’t met her baby yet, but she’s getting on very well, surprisingly! She’s really laidback, and so is the baby – she sleeps through the night. She must have had a chilled-out pregnancy to have such a chilled-out baby!”

We’re not getting much news from Nadine herself. She’s understandably busy with the baby, who apparently shall remain nameless. It appears a lot of her time is spent just admiring her daughter*.

Diney’s doing a great job of keeping out of the public eye at the moment, probably made easier in the US where nobody’s really heard of her. It’s understandable as any new parent would feel that way. Don’t expect too much career related news just yet.

*Still feels weird typing that.


No, I’m not talking about that tweet from Nadine.


The Belfast Telegraph ran this story the other day, featuring one of Nadine’s old class photos.

School Nadine

You should have no trouble spotting cute little Nadine there in the front row.

Massive thanks to Sam for linking us to the story.


Brace your fangirl hearts, she’s here! In case you’ve been living under a rock or something, last night saw Nadine announce via her twitter that her baby has been born.

If you’re looking for a place to send your congratulations, click on this big pink button. It will take you to the Congratulations Nadine page that we’ve been linking to on our twitter.

92 of you have already left your messages there, and we expect Nadine to read them so go and add yours if you haven’t already. Speaking of congratulations, the rest of Girls Aloud all tweeted their messages too:

First was Cheryl:

Then Kimberley:

Then Nicola:

Somewhat predictably, Sarah “Half-hour” Harding was a bit late the party:

All that’s left is to repeat our own congratulations from us, Hayley and Keith, and add a little message to Baby Aloud, even though we don’t know your name yet. Welcome to the World! It’s a big place. It’s full of happiness, mystery and excitement. As you explore it you’ll learn, you’ll laugh and you’ll cry. We wish you a long and successful life, filled with wonder, adventure and discovery. Most of all, know that there will always be people out there who will love you to the stars and back, and you have the most wonderful mammy in the world.


Oh Diney! Isn’t it incredible how your baby is almost here? It’s forced you to do this:

Yes, believe it or not, Nadine Coyle is wearing trousers! Things must be getting serious over there. No word on whether the shoes are flat though. Nadz is probably the only woman in the world who’d be more stable in 6 inch high heels while pregnant.

Yesterday Nadine came on twitter and instagram to share her latest news from the pregnancy. She showed us that her house in London is now filling with baby related products.

She also shared her latest cooking adventure with some mini cupcake-fittatas.

They look extremely nice. I hope they were tasty. Who knows what cravings Nadine is going through? Baby day is almost here, and we’re anticipating good news any time soon. Make sure you’re paying attention to us at


Nadine was on twitter last night to see how we’re all doing.

It was a tweet to the wrong Keith that revealed plenty of juicy information:

The good news is that Nadine will be recording again, once Baby Aloud is here. Diney has also unwittingly released a new phrase on us, and I’m already hashtagging #SassAndRage. Sometimes I wonder if Nadine realises how hilarious she is (see below).

Said sass and rage is her reason for not recording right now, though I’d imagine that having a person living inside you can get in the way a bit when you’re trying to record a hit album. Looking after your first daughter is a pretty valid reason for making us wait for new tunes, but it’s great to have some hope for the future.

Nadz hasn’t forgotten her GA moves and words though, so I guess we can expect junior renditions of all the Girls’ hits pretty soon.


Happy New Year everybody. 2014 has started with some wonderful news already.

Nadine explained on her twitter that the balloon was from the baby shower. Obviously her and Jason couldn’t wait to find out the sex of the baby, and they don’t want to mistake her biology.

As we found out last year, Nadine is due in February, so not long now. Hopefully everything goes well and Baby Girl Aloud is brought into the world healthy and happy and soon she’ll probably be learning Girls Aloud songs and important skills like hair flicking.


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