A Life On The Ocean Wave

As a sailor myself, I find this news very cool. As reported on the Clipper Round the World Race News page, Nadine visited her home-town crew and yacht in Oakland.

Nadine and crew

Diney had the following to say:

“It was brilliant to meet the crew. It’s amazing they have been part of the Clipper Race for so long and here they are in San Francisco Bay – well done to them all”

The crew for Derry are using the Clipper Race to promote the city, and having one of their own biggest stars must have been wonderful for them. It’s also a bit of a change of tack for Nadine after her recent ANTM appearance, exchanging American glamour for something more workaday. However she still turned up in a stylish black dress and high heels, not the best nautical gear.

Mark Light, the skipper, said:

It was fantastic to welcome her aboard the Derry-Londonderry yacht. She was very enthusiastic about the Clipper Race and had great admiration for the crew who were thrilled she’d taken the time out to come along and wish us luck

I’d be thrilled too. Hopefully it gives them a bit of extra confidence for the rest of the arduous race. The 40,000 mile race will end in Southampton in July. It’s a long way to go, but then maybe Nadine has a few travel tips for them, seeing as she’s probably travelled that far many times over.

EDIT: Images now been added to our gallery

12th April – Visiting the Derry-Londonderry sailors

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