Douze Points?

So here’s a pretty weird one. The rumour on is that Girls Aloud are being lined up as the UK’s representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest next year. This would be an interesting choice.

In recent years, the British entry hasn’t been a chart topping, current artist or band. Bizarre really because that’s what all the other countries do. But if we are to believe these rumours, it could be that GA make Eurovision part of their comeback.

The article HERE specifically mentions Nadine.

Nadine Coyle – well she has a successful restaurant and store in America and has tried to launch a solo career also but with little success

Not to worry Diney, we loved Insatiable.

Now, nothing has been decided yet, and as the article mentions there are plenty of other candidates to represent the UK. Of course, Nadine could probably represent Ireland by herself too, but no one has mentioned that.

Is this a question of the UK finally taking the Song Contest more seriously? Or is it just the rumour mill overflowing now that people are talking about GA again? Only time will tell.

Ten Years of Girls Aloud – 15th December 2012

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Picture is an exclusive first look at Nadine in this documentry

Over the past ten years Girls Aloud have grown from young pop wannabes, to become five remarkable women. This intimate portrait of their lives and music will remind us why they won Popstars – The Rivals all those years ago, and why they remain today Britain’s favourite girl-band.

The show will feature three distinct chapters – the definitive history of the band, the individual successes of each girls solo projects, and their reunion. We’ll offer exclusive access to all the preparations that lead up to their launch and come-back, culminating in a headline performance in front of the Queen at this years Royal Variety Performance.

The Definitive History

Past documentaries have told the story of the band, but none have given us the definitive history of Girls Aloud, from their creation on Popstars the Rivals up until 2009. Featuring honest and frank interviews with the girls, and a wealth of previously unseen archive, we’ll tell the full story of the music, the achievements, their life in the spotlight, and all that goes into being the phenomenon that is Girls Aloud.

Solo Projects

The second chapter examines the girls’ solo projects, from Cheryl’s recent UK tour, to Kimberley’s own musical projects, Sarah’s film work to Nicola’s passion for fashion, and we hook up with Nadine in LA for an exclusive glimpse of her Sunset beach bar and restaurant.

Back together again.

We catch up with the girls a month before they go public with the announcement of their re-union. Behind the scenes, the preparation for this moment is frantic. We follow the girls as they film the video for come back single Something New, get together for photo shoots (and realise that nothing has changed in 10 years – they are still the chatterboxes they always were…!), nervously face the press to announce their come back, and prepare to perform for Her Majesty at this years Royal Variety Performance.

Saturday, 15 December 2012, 9:00PM – 10:20PM

On the set of ‘Beautiful Cause You Love Me’ video

26th November – On the set of Beautiful Cause You Love Me

Girls Aloud filmed the video for their 2nd single from the new ‘Ten’ album, on Monday which will be ‘Beautiful Cause You Love Me

Nadine was spotted entering and leaving the makeup trailer as you can see in the above pics.

Later that evening she tweeted:

‘Something New’ is number 2!

Well done Girls Aloud!

Raising money for Children in Need, ‘Something New’ sold over 70,000 copies to reach its #2 chart position in its first week. They were pipped to the top spot by Olly Murs.

Nadine gave us a 140-character limit acceptance speech on Twitter:

The second single will be Beautiful Cause You Love Me, which they filmed today!

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