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Yes, they’re back! It’s official.

As this is stictly a morning after post, it’s just the first SD videos that are popping up. The first one is official from the BBC’s youtube channel. It’s the first live performance of Something New.

Yeah the Girls seemed a little rusty at times, but that’s expected after 3 years away. The performance seems to have gone down well overall. Second is the first live performance of Beautiful Cause You Love Me.

There’s also some chat on the end there.

Also available are some pictures from both performances, which you can see by clicking the thumbnails below:

Appearances & Events > 2012 > 16th November – BBC Children in Need


Nadine Coyle quotes

One of the things we love about Diney, are her classic one-liners that she blurts out in interviews.

If you have been keeping up-to-date with the interviews from this week, you will remember all these quotes we have chosen:

  • “We used to work eight days a week. We were abused.”
  • “I have love and hates with hashtags”
  • “If you’re offended by that you need to get out more.”
  • “It depends what kind of mood we’re in. Any of us could be extremely scary at any time.”
  • “Well Justin, sit down son, a minute til I talk to yea. It’s a long life, you’re only young. There’s no point in messing wi a woman like me.”*
  • “Wait a few more years, get a few more years’ experience and come back to me.”
  • “Young boys have more energy.”
  • “Everyone can get buck wild.”

and my personal favourite:

“We were drinking wine flavoured lemonade. Someone tricked us, they tricked us!”

Never change Nadine, thank you for the laughs this week!

*Inspiration for I’ll Make A Man Out Of You Yet?


Girls Aloud’s VEVO channel released a behind the scenes short of the Something New video. I’m just going to recommend you watch it because I’m running out of new ways to say how lovely Nadine is in stuff like this. She’s being herself in the way we love: funny and smart, and beautiful.

Diney says a lot in the intro and then her section is at the end. What’s really interesting is there seem to be a lot of scenes, the stuff with orange trousers, that they didn’t use.



Girls Aloud have been doing a number of interviews so far this week, but this one from KissFM stands out. Personally I think this is one of Girls Aloud’s best interviews in a long time. It includes the “We’re Girls Aloud…” line that they haven’t done for years. But it’s the Nadine moments that we’re interested in here at NCF, and there’s plenty of that. Hair flicking and funny faces abound, along with great one liners.

We have pics from that visit over at our album. Click the thumbnails below.


Kiss kiss!


Nadine will be joining the Girls at a massive concert called ‘Jingle Bell Ball’ on 9th December.

On Monday, Diney was in the Capital FM studio to tell fans they would be singing ‘something old & Something New’ at the event held in Wembley Arena.

Listen to the full Capital interview above if you missed it Monday.

Sadly, tickets are sold out :( The only legit way to get them is to win them on the radio’s Facebook page here: http://bit.ly/SeH5Lm

Pictures of the Girls in the studio are HERE


It’s our site admin’s birthday today. Happy birthday Hayley. I won’t tell you how old, ahem, young she is.

It’s also the 8th birthday of our big sister, Girls Aloud Media. As part of the birthday celebrations, you can enter some competitions on the GAM forums. Click the link in the above tweet or here.


Highlight of the day was Nadine’s “swearing” on BBC Radio 1 this morning. Well that and her looking gorgeous!

Diney R1 SN

That superb picture (and a whole lot more) are now in our gallery [HERE] & [HERE] as well as pictures inside the studio [HERE]

You can hear what Diney said courtesy of the Mirror‘s little video. Apparently you can’t say “piss-take” on the radio. No such problems here, but we probably get out quite a bit. Nadine was talking about her use of hashtags on twitter, after she offered to help Sarah learn the ropes.

Listen to the full interview below:

The girls were quite impressed with the turnout of fans waiting for them outside the studios, and they love us fans as much as we love them.

That’s your news update for today. With Children In Need and Strictly Come Dancing appearances in the pipeline, and the imminent release of Something New, I get the feeling we’ll be getting plenty of news in the coming weeks.


girls aloud radio 1

Girls Aloud will be on your airwaves on Monday 12th November.

They will be on BBC Radio 1′s breakfast show with Nick Grimshaw live from 7:45am!

Tune in bright and early Monday morning to BBC Radio 1

Along with that, they will be on BBC Breakfast at 6.50am, 7.50am, 8.50am. This looks to be a pre-record, from the day of the press conference.


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