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To celebrate the release of the new ‘TEN’ album, and celebrating 10 years of Girls Aloud, we thought it would be great to make a top 10 list of favourite moments from Nadine’s career.

#10 – We have to start off with Irish Popstars, the show where Nadine lied about her age to get into ‘Six’. Thankfully, if she wasn’t found out, she wouldn’t of auditioned for Popstars: The Rivals and we wouldn’t have her in Girls Aloud.
Watch here: http://youtu.be/aka0ihewdqE

#9 – Whilst we’re on the subject of the start of her career, her solo performance of ‘Fields Of Gold’ on Popstars: The Rivals will always stick out to me as one of her best solo songs of all time.
Watch: http://youtu.be/cEqYnWUZCJY

#8 – This performance deserves a mention and gets 8th placing in our list. Nadine sang with the rest of Boyzone on their special tribute show for the late Stephen Gately. I shed a tear everytime i watch it.

#7 – A recent one for our 7th placing, so should still be fresh in your minds. Nadine turned the air blue live on Radio 1 nearly 2 weeks ago.

“I use a lot of hashtags as a – well, I was going to say as a p***take. Can I say that on the radio?”
“If anyone is offended by that, you need to get out more.”

#6 – A nomination by one of our twitter followers @curlycorder a moment which i forgot! Nadine and the Girls describe when they played a prank on their manager Hillary Shaw, with Diney showing us her posh London accent.
Watch: http://youtu.be/Xb8qCk79i2Y from 2min 34secs

#5 – In at #5 is Nadine’s first ever televised performance of Insatiable on Paul O’Grady.

#4 – This one is a firm fan favourite, a lot of people mentioning this funny moment when i asked for suggestions on our Twitter. Nadine took us shoe shopping for the Girls Aloud ‘Style’ DVD, and revealed her hate for crocs! “DisGOSTin’”
Watch: http://youtu.be/HAioWkd5yNs

#3 – My personal favourite! Nadine takes part in a magic trick with a twist with Keith Barry, getting driven at high speeds whilst Keith is blindfolded. The whole clip is hilarious even if it does show Nadine out her comfort zone! “We survived!”
Watch: http://youtu.be/z2dyD9PjbVg

#2 – Nearly a joint 1st placing, Nadine gets tricked on Ministry of Mayhem, classic! Off-topic but how young does Holly Willoughby look!
Watch: http://youtu.be/8QMPvBdLUyo

and at number 1….

*drum rolls*

*more drum rolls*

#1 – The most voted/suggested moment, and definitely a clip every fan loves. Girls Aloud ‘Off The Record’ in Greece! Best quotes “Look how glamourous it is being in Girls Aloud” “Imagine if I came in and I was just a neck!” :lol:

Remember Something New is out now on iTunes – http://smarturl.it/NewiTunes

The new Ten album is out on Monday 26th pre-order on iTunes – http://smarturl.it/TENiTunesDEL


Girls Aloud Royal Variety

More Pictures: http://nadinecoylefan.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=1468

Nadine and Girls Aloud performed ‘The Promise’ at the Royal Albert Hall for the annual Royal Variety Performance last night.

They all wore matching black floor length gowns with gold embellishment down the front.

We wont get to see the performance till 3rd December on ITV1 but for now check out this tiny clip HERE

The girls got to meet The Queen afterwards, and Nadine excitedly tweeted:

Video of that moment can be seen HERE and pictures are below so click the thumbs to enlarge.


Nadine and Sarah – Interview on Gaydar Radio 18/11/12

Finally an interview where Nadine gets more then a few words in!

Diney and Sarah were interviewed with Gaydar Radio, which aired yesterday.

They talked all things Girls Aloud, cringing at old outfits, planning for their tour and their diva demands.

Nadine also talks about her solo work, how hard she worked in the break and opening her business. And interestingly talks about what type of ‘girl’ she would go for!

“Cuz baby this is reeaaaaal life!”


Did you see the Girls perform on the Strictly Come Dancing results show last night? If no then watch it below, and if yes then watch again anyway!

Interesting how the routine for Something New takes us back to Sound Of The Underground with those mic stands. Nadine is great as usual. I mean, is there really something new to be said about her?

Go to our gallery for some lovely high res pics:



Party 1

Just a bit of random news for today. The Daily Mail picked up on the girls partying the other night, as a joint birthday party for fellow Girls Aloud Sarah and Kimberley. Nadine looked gorgeous of course, which is all we’re interested in here at NCF.

party 2

Some more pics in our gallery as usual.

Gallery1 Gallery 2

In other news, Louis Walsh has described Nadine as “…the best singer! By a mile.” which we knew already really. Read the story here.

Stay tuned for more news.


Yes, they’re back! It’s official.

As this is stictly a morning after post, it’s just the first SD videos that are popping up. The first one is official from the BBC’s youtube channel. It’s the first live performance of Something New.

Yeah the Girls seemed a little rusty at times, but that’s expected after 3 years away. The performance seems to have gone down well overall. Second is the first live performance of Beautiful Cause You Love Me.

There’s also some chat on the end there.

Also available are some pictures from both performances, which you can see by clicking the thumbnails below:

Appearances & Events > 2012 > 16th November – BBC Children in Need


Nadine Coyle quotes

One of the things we love about Diney, are her classic one-liners that she blurts out in interviews.

If you have been keeping up-to-date with the interviews from this week, you will remember all these quotes we have chosen:

  • “We used to work eight days a week. We were abused.”
  • “I have love and hates with hashtags”
  • “If you’re offended by that you need to get out more.”
  • “It depends what kind of mood we’re in. Any of us could be extremely scary at any time.”
  • “Well Justin, sit down son, a minute til I talk to yea. It’s a long life, you’re only young. There’s no point in messing wi a woman like me.”*
  • “Wait a few more years, get a few more years’ experience and come back to me.”
  • “Young boys have more energy.”
  • “Everyone can get buck wild.”

and my personal favourite:

“We were drinking wine flavoured lemonade. Someone tricked us, they tricked us!”

Never change Nadine, thank you for the laughs this week!

*Inspiration for I’ll Make A Man Out Of You Yet?


Girls Aloud’s VEVO channel released a behind the scenes short of the Something New video. I’m just going to recommend you watch it because I’m running out of new ways to say how lovely Nadine is in stuff like this. She’s being herself in the way we love: funny and smart, and beautiful.

Diney says a lot in the intro and then her section is at the end. What’s really interesting is there seem to be a lot of scenes, the stuff with orange trousers, that they didn’t use.



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