The PerezTV Interview!

It’s here at last.

All you need to know is there. Nadine was her usual self, and Perez brought up a number of different subjects from her new material to her living arrangements to a GA reunion.

Apparently Perez has never been to a GA concert. At least that’s something I have done that he hasn’t ;) Also, 10 out of 10 for including the OTR clip of Nadine using a thong to tie her hair.

We Are Back (Monday Memories)

Hey everyone! First of all, a big thanks to admin Hayley for sorting out the problems we were having. Hope you’ve all checked out the new gallery.

To celebrate getting back online, we’ll remind ourselves how Nadine feels about everyone’s favourite nasty plastic “shoe”:


Today was also the last day of Nadine’s competition. Best of luck to all who entered. Sadly my planned entry failed to get off the ground. Hopefully there’ll be another one in future.

Nadine supports Charity: Water

Earlier this week, Nadine tweeted that she attended a charity event

Thank you @charitywater for an inspiring event I am giving my next birthday to you! Everyone should check out their efforts. We can all help

She then tweeted an aspiring story of a girl giving up her 9th birthday gifts and asked her friends and family to donate to Charity: Water instead. Read the story here

After that she asked fans that they can help too:

Birthday tweets asked alot. So if you join @charitywater give up your birthday appeal and spread the word I am indebted to tweet you. Deal?

To give up your birthday check out and follow them on Twitter @CharityWater

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