Nadine to perform at Metro Live tonight!

Nadine is performing at Metro Live tonight in Newcastle for a rumoured 15 minute set. She has landed in the UK today and tweeted to let us know!

In the UK on the motorway somewhere.. There is snow on the roads and mince pies in the car.. Who am I going to see tonight in newcastle? Xx

Have fun to all fans going to see Nadine perform tonight!

Please take a lot of pictures, we would love to feature them. Drop me an email if you can donate pictures.

Coyle: ‘Hair budget would feed small country’

nadine girls aloud hair budget

Nadine Coyle has commented that she thinks Girls Aloud’s hair budget could “feed a small country”.

The singer believes that there would need to be a large amount invested in the band for them to get back together.

She said to I.D. magazine: “It would depend on everybody’s feeling. The money that would need to be invested in it is another factor.

“Between the five of us the hair budget alone was enough to feed a small country. It was through the roof! I think we bought our hairdresser an entire extension on the back of her house on one album campaign. If she wasn’t driving a Bentley then she should have been.”

Coyle also believes that Cheryl Cole’s solo success and appearance on ‘The X Factor’ will dictate whether the band will reform.

She said: “Cheryl’s success is a point for all the rest of us to consider from our own points of view.

“We’ve got to be realistic about what has happened to Cheryl over the last couple of years.”


Westlife Mark: ‘Nadine needs to keep going’

nadines no flopIRISH legends Westlife are flying the flag for their north-of-the-border pop pal Nadine Coyle.

The lads reckon the Derry diva has been cruelly treated after her debut solo album Insatiable flopped.

And they also reckon Nadine, 25, has been bullied into a war with bandmate Cheryl Cole, 27.

’Loife member Mark Feehily, 30, told me: “I’m supporting Nadine. She lives in LA now but I know her from years ago and we still keep in touch.

“She’s an immensely talented girl and drop-dead gorgeous but Cheryl is the nation’s sweetheart so anyone who gets compared to her is going to come off worse.”

He added: “I think Nadine just needs to keep her head down and carry on doing what she’s doing.

“I don’t like it when I feel people are being ganged up on. It’s like a schoolground mentality.

“People want to read Girls Aloud are killing each other but it’s only the five girls in the band who really know what’s going on.”


Preview: Nadine Coyle Special: Under The Skin

4Music – Nadine Coyle Special: Under The Skin (Clip)

It must be a hard life being Rick Edwards. Jetting off around the world, interviewing some of the most beautiful women in pop… he must really hate his job!

One of his latest 4Music assignments was to travel to LA to hang out with the very lovely Nadine Coyle. It’s fair to say that the Girls Aloud singer has endured quite a bit of stick in the press of late, so Rick made it his mission to get to the bottom of the rumours and find out the truth behind the headlines.

Ahead of the show’s first play on 4Music, we thought we’d treat you to some exclusive behind-the-scenes snaps from the shoot. We don’t know about you, but we think that sea looks very inviting!

Don’t forget, you’ve got until midnight on November 29th to win a trip to meet Nadine in LA.

Tune in to Nadine Coyle Special: Under The Skin on Saturday 20th November at 10am on 4Music.


Videos: Nadine Coyle Album Chart Show Special

Nadine Coyle – Koko Interview (13 Nov 2010)
Nadine Coyle – Insatiable Live – At Koko London 1 Nov 2010
Nadine Coyle – Runnin’ Live – At Koko London 1 Nov 2010
Nadine Coyle – Put Your Hands Up Live – At Koko London 1 Nov 2010
Nadine Coyle – Red Light Live – At Koko London 1 Nov 2010

Sorry for the late posting as ive been pre-occupied. On Saturday, Channel 4 aired a Nadine Coyle special of The Album Chart Show.

Four performances were aired, which were performed at Koko in London. Nadine was also interviewed backstage which you can watch in the above video.

Or if you live in the UK, watch the Album Chart Show special in full, on Youtube [HERE]

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